Fall 2022 OCCUD Update

Otter Creek Communications Union District (OCCUD) is tasked with ensuring that its member towns have access to internet infrastructure providing at least 25/3 service.

With the goal of ensuring that OCCUD’s member towns have access to internet infrastructure that affords residents access to modern internet speeds, OCCUD is working to identify one or more PartnerProviders that will build out Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) to provide various affordable internet package speeds that include 100/100.

OCCUD hopes to have this partnering confirmed by the end of 2022. By confirming this, OCCUD will then be able to provide a timeline for the buildout. Since the partnering is not yet known, there is no timeline that we can give any one resident about when they might be able to access the future service. We can say that once the partnering is confirmed, (engineering) work will happen to plan out what the system looks like, new equipment will be attached to poles, and THEN residents will be able to say whether they want a line run to their individual premises. This could be one or two or three years from now

Again, there is no timeline yet available. As soon as a timeline is available and can be shared, your town OCCUD representatives, your Selectboards, and your Town Managers or Clerks will be informed … and information will continue to be shared on this site.

Please feel free to reach out to OCCUD with any questions for clarification at info@occud.org.